Mythimna (Molyvos)

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Congas Beach Bar

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Molivos, Lesvos, Greece

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Northeast Aegean Islands. On your journey around the Northeast Aegean Islands, you are bound to be overwhelmed by captivating scents. In Congas Beach Bar there are countless gastronomic discoveries: delicious white or tomato sauces, tenderly cooked pulses, home-grown vegetables, bread and rusks with a robust flavour given by the local wheat and barley varieties as well as the flavourful fresh goat cheese compose a mouthwatering cuisine. The Aegean is blessed with sun, wind and sea. In Congas Beach Bar you can experience the aromas and appetising dishes that date back to antiquity; oregano, thyme, bay leaves, lemons and olive oil promise to tickle your taste buds. Visit Congas Beach Bar at Molivos, Lesvos, Greece and discover our exceptional fresh fish and seafood appetizers or our fine meats cooked in tomato or egg and lemon sauces. Our cuisine: Bar, Mediterranean | Our Location: Lesbos, Northeast Aegean Islands

Northeast Aegean Islands. The Northeast Aegean Islands landscape with its seemingly barren hills, volcanic soil, arid olive groves and rocky shores hides lots of surprises. In Congas Beach Bar boiled greens picked from the mountains, sprinkled with olive oil and lemon accompanied by grilled meat and fish. Congas Beach Bar… Read more…

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