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Benefit from Etravel Email Marketing, Guest Analysis and Multi-Level Marketing Strategies. Also eTravel, ensure business gets noticed by the search engines, and ultimately guests of website.

Encourage others to list their properties with us and enjoy special offers or earn significant rewards as a result.

Owners Advantages hollidaysReach millions of travel customers

As a small-medium hotel or restaurant owner, there are many ways for you to attract both those who are already guests in your business and other patrons from the local area.Also, we offer three flexible, strategically aligned, cost-effective packages. So you can make the most of our travel directory benefits and attract families and small groups from all over the world.

Owners Advantages hollidaysCost effective listing

Three cost efficient packages (Free, Silver and Gold) which provide flexible and dynamic promotional strategies. For small and medium types of restaurants and accommodation businesses to help you see the most success.

Owners Advantages hollidaysAppear on the top of the search engines

Also, by listing business, services and events within Etravel’s directory, not only will be seen on our award-winning site but dominating the first page of Google.

Owners Advantages hollidaysDeliver your message at just the right time

Access an authoritative, trustworthy and a multilevel marketing travel directory platform. Specifically designed for small and medium businesses that empowers you to attract and interact with potential customers worldwide — and influence their booking and culinary decisions.

Owners Advantages hollidaysStrategic and targeted listing

Etravel can help you reach customers at the very moment they are researching your business location in Greece. As a small restaurant owner in Crete, for instance, you would benefit greatly from listing your Christmas event with Etravel. Potential customers looking for Christmas events in Crete could access your information. Also including a description of the occasion and a photo, and be well on their way toward booking a table!

Owners Advantages hollidaysSuccess is in your hands

Finally,benefit from fair and dynamic pricing for your accommodation or entertainment property. There are various options available for you to enhance your business listing. Edit your property details, submit an event or make all the details of your business public by selecting one of the available directory packages. (Silver, Bronze and Gold).

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Owners Advantages hollidays

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