Why eTravel

Why eTravel hollidays

Obtain the Maximum for Your Business

eTravel allows you to push your sales to the maximum for your accommodation or restaurant business and add new customers from around the world, giving you exclusive benefits and rewards.

√ Free Registration
To insert your hotel or restaurant on eTravel does not incur any cost or fee.

√ Dedicated Premium Packages

eTravel gives you a new level of flexibility and control over your business. Start managing your business listing with free membership. Get more options with our Premium Packages for a number of additional options and advantages.

√ Global Visibility
Every month millions of travelers from all parts of the world visit eTravel for an extensive and reliable listing of small-medium sized accommodation and entertainment destinations in Greece.

√ Updating in Real Time
You will have access to your business listing, or you could use one of our Premium Packages, to manage and pubish your business contact details, location or share an event in real time.

√ Secure Payments
You will be safe from any fraud thanks to our efficient and reliable safety systems.

√ Winning Promotional Strategies
Our marketing and promotional strategies will promote your hotel or restaurant on the most effective channels:  search engines, social media, newsletter, targeted email advertising and publications.

√ Discount coupons and exclusive codes

eTravel has a referral program that gives you and friends discount coupons, awards and exclusive offers when they subscribe with eTravel Premium Packages. As added incentive, we’ll give you significant discount to your business listing. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, which means there’s no limit to how much you could save! Collect your discount coupons and exclusive codes for every Premium Package ordered by everyone you refer. Learn More about how our referral program works. 

 An easy research and booking system, quick and secure

A broad listing of small-medium accommodation and culinary businesses in Greek islands and mainland by an intuitive travel directory platform and an integrated booking system.

We can’t wait to start working together!

Write an email to [email protected] or complete the form below to connect with our team who will support you through the registration process and will give you all the information you need so that travelers from around the world can visit your business.


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