Business Promotion

Business Promotion with eTravel is the most effective way to make your small hotel or restaurant appeal to travelers or dinners and give your business an edge over your competition. Business promotion is not just a strategy but an investment to attract more customers to your business. Promotion with eTravel is so effective and powerful. Many successful small-medium sized businesses in Greece  rely solely on this method to advertise and market their products and services. Learn more on how to promote your business.
Business Promotion

An appealing and attractive listing on eTravel, one of the largest on-line travel directories in Greece, is a great opportunity to connect with a wide range of customers. By promoting your business with eTravel you make your small hotel or restaurant appeal to travelers or dinners and give your business an edge over your competition. We promote your business through 14.000 professional associates and 5.000 travel agencies in Europe and around the world. Update your business description, add photos, make your contact details public and highlight amenities to attract traveler’s attention.
Your business already appears on eTravel— now put Greece’s largest travel site to work for you. Claim your business listing for access to powerful business-building tools or update your basic-free package to a premium one to use innovative and intelligent advantageous features.

Use Premium Packages to Confirm Your Attraction’s Information

There’s no secret why you should update and optimize your small-medium sized accommodation or restaurant-cafe business on eTravel. It’s where travelers and gastronomic lovers go to discover and select extraordinary accommodation units and restaurants in Greece. eTravel is a significant and powerful local marketing tool likely to influence traveler behavior and decision making. Is your restaurant or hotel’s eTravel page optimized to deliver maximum results? Or is it underperforming – bearing information that is incomplete, outdated, and inconsistent?
Confirm that all of the details on your business are correct. In order to make these and other changes, you’ll need to register with eTravel as an owner if you haven’t already done so.

Once you’ve registered, double-check your business’ name, address, phone number as well as the links to your website and e-mail. Edits are legit by selecting “Edit Business Details”. This will allow you to update or add information. Also as an official representative of the business, your edits will override any existing content. However, some of the contents updates are limited and an update to a premium package is advised.

As a premium package subscriber you should also add a description of your property, update your email address, contact details and Google map location. Use this space to add some rich details that will help distinguish you from your competitors. Including information about opening times, seasonal activities, suitability for children or groups, upcoming special events, gastronomic or wine proposals that can help travelers select your attraction. When you submit your own description, the  ‘eTravel Description’ will be replaced by an ‘Owner Description’.

Business Promotion and Premium Packages

Use Premium Packages to Upload Photos and Videos

Travelers and dinners want to know what to expect at your business. The more photos and videos on your listing, the more engaged they will be. As a Silver or Golden Package owner, you are entitled to upload an unlimited number of images; however for the free package subscribers this functionality is limited. Make sure you let travelers see what they can look forward to. Whether it’s an adventurous walking tour, beautiful outdoor scenery or a magnificent gastronomic experience that your restaurant can provides. You should upload photos to show potential visitors what they can expect and impress them with all the fun.

Use Premium Packages to Make your Page More Social

To ensure greater online visibility of your business via eTravel and improve overall listing performance, subscribe for a premium package (Silver or Golden) and add your social networks details such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Youtube, or even your business blog. Social Links are inarguably necessary for building a business authority and earning higher visits. The “proper” or “modern” way to build your social links is to create original, informative, insightful content. eTravel will effectively apply that content to the widest audience via our sophisticated email-marketing and promotional strategies. So ensure that your small-medium sized hotel or restaurant would be an attractive and appealing destination for a global audience.

Add your Business in eTravel
Business Promotion

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