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Gerakas, Xanthi 671 00, Greece

Gastronomy | Restaurant

East Macedonia and Thrace. Given that East Macedonia and Thrace is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, it is not surprising that Thracian cuisine is extremely diverse, very flavorsome and sophisticated. East Macedonia and Thrace cuisine due to the large-scale cattle-raising has come to be associated with sausages (known as horseshoes) and the delicacies of pastourma and kavourma (produced from large pieces of meat boiled with spices and preserved in their fat). In Gerakofolia you can try exceptional dishes such as the pligouri (groats), trahanas (pasta soup prepared from wheat flour and curd) and gioufkas (pasta like tagliatelle). East Macedonia and Thrace cuisine covers a significant wide range and the culinary landscape in Gerakofolia is truly endless: yogurts with fresh creamy skin on top, dried, smoked or salted fish and seafood, delicious and fragrant traditional meal “Kourbani”, “retseli”, a traditional grape product, “tsipouro”, a strong distilled spirit. Located at Gerakas, Xanthi 671 00, Greece, visitors can experience the openness and hospitalityof local people combined with an authentic gastronomic experience. Our cuisine: Greek | Our Location: Xanthi Region, East Macedonia and Thrace

East Macedonia and Thrace. The beauty of East Macedonia and Thrace has become a tourist attraction not only for travelers but also for people involved creatively in the culinary arts, who come here to expand their knowledge and show their love of Thracian cuisine.Read more…

Restaurant in Xanthi CIty, Xanthi, Thraki

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