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Aqua Beach Bar

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14 Leman, Volos 383 34, Greece

Gastronomy | Restaurant

Thessaly. During your trip in Thessaly you've probably tasted some of the authentic Greek delicacies. In Aqua Beach Bar we offer a wide range of typical and special dishes so don't miss the chance to try them. Thessalian cuisine is based on the healthy Mediterranean one, but more enriched. This, along with the fact that the materials used in Aqua Beach Bar are, most of the times, gathered by local producers, lead to a delicious and impressive result. Accompany your meal or dinner with local wine or "ouzo" and finish with one of the original Thessalian candies. It can easily be said that Thessaly has two types of cuisines, the Mediterranean in the east and the mountainous one, where meat predominates. Visit Aqua Beach Bar at 14 Leman, Volos 383 34, Greece and taste our recipes with the famous trahana. Trahana is always made in August, the hottest month of the year, so it dries as quickly as possible. Two types are always made, the sweet and the sour, which are used for different recipes. The ingredients used in Aqua Beach Bar are rudimentary: wheat and/or corn flour mixed with a drop of oil bartered from the lowlanders or butter from their own flocks, combined with a handful of wild greens plucked from their doorstep and a smidgen of cheese. Do not miss this gastronomic experience… Our cuisine: Seafood, Fast Food, European, Greek | Our Location: Magnesia Region, Thessaly

Thessaly. Thessalian cuisine holds a special place in the international culture of flavors for its large variety of quality products, wise combinations and centuries old know how. With a wide range of pastries the Thessalian gastronomic imagination has created a seemingly endless number of delicious combinations.Read more…

Restaurant in Pilio Area, Magnesia, Thessaly

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