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6 Aristotelous Drosia, Preveza 481 00, Greece

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Epirus. Epirus’ particular terrain, the mountainous areas, the sea, the climate and a centuries-old history have all played a part in creating countless dishes and tasty combinations that make up the local cuisine. Well-known and well-preferred within as well as beyond Greek borders. In Pelagos, cuisine is about straightforward flavours and thanks to the fine quality of raw materials, local gastronomy offers a variety of delectable traditional dishes, complementing the region’s special cultural identity. In Pelagos, Local cuisine mainly uses ingredients found on the mountain and depends mostly on stock farming products: milk, yogurt, cheese, goat and sheep meat! Visit Pelagos at 6 Aristotelous Drosia, Preveza 481 00, Greece. Your journey to Pelagos, will turn into an unforgettable experience once you have savored our culinary delights. Our cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Greek | Our Location: Preveza Region, Epirus

Epirus. Besides the gorgeous nature and its many attractions, in Epirus you will also discover a delicious local gastronomy! This local cuisine is mainly based on livestock products: milk, yogurt, cheese, goat’s meat.Read more…

Restaurant in Parga, Preveza, Epirus

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