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Thraki. Thraki is an area with prosperous land that is most precious for the ecological balance with the famous aquatic ecosystem at the delta of river Evros and the lake Vistinida, with Pamakohoria and the splendid beaches of the Thracian Sea offer a landscape that soothes and relaxes the visitor. Likehome Apartments is the ideal choice for those looking to explore the counties of Evros, Zanthi and Rodopi each offer a wonderful setting for all types of holidays throughout the year. The historic town of Alexandroupoli is located in the Evros county, and is one of the most popular destinations. The small yet beautiful island of Samothraki is situated just 29 nautical miles from the harbour of Alexandroupolis, and visitors can easily visit the island by the frequent ferry boat connections that operate. For those who are looking for a holiday, away from the overcrowded and more tourist places, Likehome Apartments provides a refreshing alternative. Located at Athanasiou Diakou 15, Orestiada 682 00, Greece, Likehome Apartments is your gateway to a mysterious land with strong traditions and immense natural beauty. Book a room with Likehome Apartments and your holidays will be exactly how you have been dreaming of them.



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Thraki. One destination, dozens of attractions: Book a room with Likehome Apartments at Athanasiou Diakou 15, Orestiada 682 00, Greece and get to know Ancient Abdera, visit the Pomak villages, scattered throughout the region, take a tour of the Ethnological Museum of Thrace in Alexandroupoli or visit the dolmens, monolithic grave monuments from the Iron Age, between the villages of Mikros Dereios and Roussos. Nature lovers will find their paradise here. From the source of the Nestos River until Abdera, and from there until Porto Lagos and Lake Vistonida, you’ll find a majestic blend of earth and water. The soil here in this corner of Greece is irrigated by the river’s fresh water. This then merges with the salty sea and between the reeds you’ll discover a refuge for rare birds, fish and other animals. Pure and peaceful, this scenery invites you to become one with it. Furthermore, holidays in Likehome Apartments mean action and adventure: Likehome Apartments because of its location is the perfect place for activities in nature. Get to know the Nestos forest by taking a canoe/kayak, alone or with a group, down the river that has cut a winding route between two steep mountains. You can also hike along its bank or head east to the Dadia forest which has four well-marked paths. Thraki's expansive, untouched landscape impresses visitors in both scale and beauty. Throughout this view paradisiacal panorama, indented and inaccessible coasts weave their colors with those of rich forests and rare wetlands, creating extraordinary and enthralling scenery. Book a room with Likehome Apartments and discover Thraki - Greece’s uncontested queen. Our website: | Our Location: Athanasiou Diakou 15, Orestiada 682 00, Greece

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