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Akti Voion, Neapolis 23053, Greece

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Peloponnese. The gastronomy in Peloponnese is inextricably linked with its cultural elements and reveals its quality characteristics, the lifestyle of the residents and the traditions. In Tzivaeri, the cuisine is as abundant as its nature, and a tour in search of local delicacies and products is a charming part of the journey. The high-grade Greek olive oil, which accompanies in abundance almost all Greek dishes giving them a rich flavor and aroma is the most distinguished characteristic of cuisine. In Tzivaeri you can experience a variety of traditional and modern dishes in one sitting. Some of the best meals here are those made in one pot, deliciously unctuous stews of dried beans and greens, of chicken slowly cooked in a hearty sauce made up of nothing more than onions, local feta (a PDO cheese), and copious amounts of both onions and olive oil. Visit Tzivaeri, at Akti Voion, Neapolis 23053, Greece to discover the fascinating gastronomy of Peloponnese and let Tzivaeri take you on a culinary trip with a fascinating exploration of tastes and traditional recipes that have been salvaged and enriched over the years. Our cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean | Our Location: Laconia Region, Peloponnese

Peloponnese. True regional dishes, a palette of flavors that define any given table. With this palette in hand, chefs can create dishes inspired by the traditions of a faraway place.Read more…

Restaurant in Neapoli, Lakonia, Peloponesse

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