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Flogita 63200, Halkidiki, Greece

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Macedonia. French Riviera-style coastal towns and fertile valleys of Alexander the Great’s Macedonia, in northern Greece offers hearty, complex dishes that pair perfectly with the serious, ageable wines produced in this region. In Ma-Giw you can experience the unique flavors of Grevena’s magic mushrooms, Florina’s flaming red, sweet peppers, and the delicious beans and pulses of Kastoria and Prespes, where the bean fields extend alongside the magnificent lakes. In Ma-Giw we prepare and serve dishes such as lamb cooked with quince or various vegetables and fruits, goat boiled or fried in olive oil: modern recipes from Kavala to Kastoria and Kozani such as lamb with quince or pork with celery or leeks. You can visit us at Flogita 63200, Halkidiki, Greece to taste magnificent gastronomic local products such as rice; local and regional pasta products, buffalo and yogurt. Mussels, shrimp, and grilled sardines are among some of the most delectable seafood offerings of Ma-Giw. Meat, dairy and tomatoes offer a varied, multifaceted, fascinating gastronomic palate waiting for you. Our cuisine: Bar, Pizza, Cafe, Fast Food, Pub, Wine Bar | Our Location: Halkidiki Region, Central Macedonia

Macedonia. Macedonia’s coldest mountain enclaves are where the best Greek giant beans—the baked, buttery gigantes of so many taverna menus—are grown, especially around Prespes. Macedonia is also where the best nuts, everything from walnuts to almonds to hazelnuts, grow. All these and more find there their way into Ma-Giw.Read more…

Cafe and Bar in Nea Moudania , Halkidiki, Macedonia

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