Cafe and Bar in Gouvia

Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant

Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant

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Gouvia 49100, Corfu, Greece

Entertainment | Caf? and Bar

Ionian Islands. The Ionian Island's cuisine is based on fresh local ingredients prepared in traditional ways, following recipes and techniques that have been passed down over generations. In Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant will give you a chance to try a variety of mouthwatering specialties at one sitting, though you may be equally tempted by our seafood recipes, including octopus, swordfish and that old favourite, calamari. Furthermore, in Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant you can try Bourdetto, sofrito, pastitsada, strapatsada and a plethora of recipes that incorporate centuries of history and culture. Outstanding wines, unique drinks and beverages like kumquat liqueur and ginger beer are among the top of the rich yet delicate gastronomic flavors that you can try at Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant. Visit Iliada Beach Bar Restaurant at Gouvia 49100, Corfu, Greece and experience the joy of unique flavours. Our cuisine: Bar, Mediterranean, Greek, Pub | Our Location: Corfu, Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands. The strategic position of the Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece at the base of the Adriatic Sea has bought invaders, traders and culinary traditions from all over the Mediterranean basin.Read more…

Cafe and Bar in Gouvia, Corfu, Ionian Islands

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