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Marathi, Crete 731 00, Greece

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Crete. With a food culture to match its status as Greece's biggest island, Cretan cuisine is distinguished and traditional. In Veranda local cheese, famous olive oil and punchy liqueurs are just three of the main ingredient’s foundation of our offered dishes. Based on simple techniques, it’s the variety of local produce that distinguishes Veranda dishes: mountain herbs and greens, bulbs, unique cheeses, fresh fish, the famous Cretan oil, and raki a bracing grape brandy. Visit us at Marathi, Crete 731 00, Greece and discover one of the most favorite starters - dakos – chopped tomato (and Cretan tomatoes will remind you what the fruit should taste like) and xinomyzithra sprinkled with oregano and liberally doused with extra virgin olive oil. Eating in Veranda is really a journey in flavors, special ingredients and combinations that you would never expect to taste. The main feature of Veranda cuisine is imagination, high quality meat, greens, legumes and vegetables, sea food, and of course the “blessed” Cretan olive oil! Our cuisine: Italian, Bar, Mediterranean, Greek | Our Location: Chania Prefecture, Crete

Crete. The unique Cretan Diet is a healthy and tasty diet with centuries-old recipes and modern creative versions, which are always cooked, of course, with the same top quality pure products of the blessed Cretan earth.Read more…

Cafe and Bar in Akrotiri, Chania, Crete

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