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+30 694 164 6979

Naoussa 844 01, Paros, Cyclades, Greece

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South Aegean Islands. Among the islands of Greece, the South Aegean Islands look dry and barren but amazing delicacies come from them. At Nasty's Bar we support small cheese producers whose gravieras and fresh cheeses don’t travel beyond our shores. At Nasty's Bar we offer unique gastronomic experiences combined with wonderful sausages and preserved meats, sundried tomatoes, capers and almond-paste confections. If you visit us at Naoussa 844 01, Paros, Cyclades, Greece perhaps you will see octopus hanging out to dry, like bizarre laundry in order to establish the highest culinary standards for this traditional dish. In Nasty's Bar you can also try some charcoal grilled, with a bowl of pungent kopanisti cheese, some fava (split yellow pea) puree, tomato or courgette fritters and mild summer greens and you won’t want anything more. Especially if you have bottle of Santorini’s white assyrtiko or red mavrotragano at your side. Our cuisine: Bar, Wine Bar | Our Location: Cyclades, South Aegean

South Aegean Islands. Despite the small number of main sources that islands produce in this part of the Aegean Archipelago, the local cuisine impresses with its great variety, originality and its simplicity. In Nasty’s Bar we serve meat of no massive production, fresh fish and seafood, dry tomatoes, potatoes, yellow… Read more…

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