Livadi Suites

Livadi Arachovas, Viotia, 32004, Greece

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Just a 20 minute drive to the ski resort, 10 to the graphic village of Arachova Livadi Suites is the ideal destination for those seeking luxury in a natural setting. Enjoy the snow and the National Park or stroll through the glamourous High Street of Arachova. Relax after a day full with activities by the fireplace or while having a jacuzzi. Visit Delphi and find out why ancient Greeks considered it the center of the earth. Livadi Suites is composed by graphic images worth of a closer look. Arachova and Livadi valley are busy with restaurants and traditional taverns, where you can taste our local produce. At the other end Mount Parnassos, with the most scenic views found on Greek mountains is dominating the top and Livadi Suites located in the middle is offering the best of both worlds. Sitting in harmony with our surroundings, our privilleged location offers a panoramic view to the highland valley of Livadi and looks up to the pinewood slopes of the National Park.

Central Greece. Central Greece is the most mountainous part of the whole country, and within it, lies some of the most beautiful and unique areas in all of Greece. Due to its location, it has a climate that is quite different from other places in Greece. It can be mild and dry on the coasts and cold with snow on the mountain peaks. Situated in Livadi Arachovas, Viotia, 32004, Greece, Livadi Suites offers you the unique opportunity to visit and travel so many areas, that you really are spoilt for choice. The prefecture of Viotia, which includes the region of Mount Parnassos or the historic region of Delphi, where according to the ancient Greeks, was “the center of the world”. Whichever region of Central-Greece you do decide to visit, you are sure to have magical moments and holidays that will live with your forever. The regions vary so much from each other that at times, it is easy to believe that you are in a different country, and not simply a different region. The next time you visit Central Greece, ensure you explore more by staying at Livadi Suites. We look forward to meeting you in the future.

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Central Greece. The central Greece region also holds many underrated surprises. Alpine meadows and valleys cover the Evritania mountain range, making it perfect for breezy summer hikes and winter skiing. And it doesn’t get much better than the beautiful Pelion Peninsula, home to Jason and the Argonauts, and criss-crossed with historic cobblestone paths linking lush mountain hamlets with coves and beaches that rival the best islands. And speaking of ‘good, better, best'… The region’s good-natured people serve up hospitality, superb experiences and great cuisine. There’s no better place to navel gaze.The Livadi Suites is located in Livadi Arachovas, Viotia, 32004, Greece, where the past and present are absolutely combined. Get to know up close the high aesthetics, simplistic luxury and the impeccable professional service that we can offer you. Whatever the reason for your stay in Livadi Arachovas, Viotia, 32004, Greece is, leisure or business trip, you will find out that at Livadi Suites, we know very well what hospitality and service mean. The staff, always cheery and friendly, will take care every wish of yours. Couples, singles and families, whether sunseekers, sport fans, culturally interested or just enjoying the local cuisine, everybody in at Livadi Suites will find their perfect holidays. Our website: | Our Location: Livadi Arachovas, Viotia, 32004, Greece

Summer Travel in Arachova, Viotia, Central Greece in Livadi Suites

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